5 things to look for when choosing a skilled plasterer

It’s worth doing the research and having the number of a good plasterer in your phone book, even if you don’t have job planned. If an emergency strikes, you don’t want to be forced into panic-choosing a plasterer who might not be your best bet.

Here are a few factors to bear in mind when you’re on the hunt for the best plasterer in Preston.

Experience. Ideally you should be looking for a plasterer with a good few years’ experience under their belt. Make sure you do your research, and always ask for genuine testimonials or to speak with genuine past clients. Be mindful though that all good tradesmen have to start somewhere, and those that have only been in business a short time may well be almost as good as time-served plasterers. Another benefit of using an experienced plasterer is their knowledge and ability to adapt to any job and they will be able to tend to your job most efficiently.

Recommendations. For any small business the best form of advertising is word of mouth – and good plasterers like us will bear this in mind on every single job we complete. Punctual, friendly, tidy, reliable and, above all trustworthy plasterers are the ones you want, and asking around is a good way to find them. Ask any other tradesmen you know – any builder will have the name of a decent plasterer on their books and generally tradesmen will pass on details to help each other out. And they won’t recommend anyone who is less than great because it will reflect badly on them as a tradesperson. Also ask friends, family and work colleagues who they have used in the past. If there are plasterers operating nearby who are unprofessional you will soon find out about them!If someone has had a good experience, people won’t hesitate to pass on their details.

Make sure they are insured. While fact finding,you can take the opportunity to ask your potential plasterer about their insurance policies to make sure that themselves and you are protected when they are working on your property.

Make sure you get a few genuine like-for-like quotes. Like many other service people such as mechanics, plumbers, builders etc, plasterers do vary in price – quite considerably sometimes! Some are cheap (and a lot of the time this is for a reason) and some are unnecessarily expensive. Also you will find every price in between! So if you are going to shop around to make sure you get the very best deal, make sure the quotes you obtain are like-for-like. Another plasterer may quote much cheaper than the reliable professional that your research has dug up, but their skill and end-finish may not be up to the same level.

Check their online presence. A tradesman who’s serious about their business should have a decent web presence. A website and possibly social media presence helps customers get a feel for their plasterers personality and professional manner. So have a look online and see for yourself how the plasterer in question represents themselves.

We pride ourselves on providing a great service with polite, experienced, skilled and well-trained staff. Our staff will always make sure, you the customer, are satisfied with our service and the end result.

Hopefully after researching into us we will make it into your phone book!

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