Long-term benefits of K Rend render

K Rend Specialists Preston & Surrounding Areas

Render is becoming an increasingly popular choice among homeowners. Where quality and finish are important, choosing render over other more traditional brick finishes, or a mixture of both, can make your property standout but the benefits are much longer term.

Rendering external walls with K Rend creates a healthier home, offering a permeable surface allowing vapour to pass through the building, rather than a sealed surface. External walls that are breathable will be able to regulate humidity creating a healthier home. This is because, contrary to opinion, render is weatherproof, not waterproof. It still allows water vapour to permeate through while also protecting the building from the elements by allowing the water to run off.

We find K Rend to be a much superior product to sand and cement render, the main benefit of using it is that it is maintenance free once done. We have used in on many of our clients properties and the feedback has always been excellent.

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