K Rend Specialists Preston

K Rend silicone render incorporates silicone water repellents to the cement based render giving a high degree of water repellency  whilst allowing water vapour to pass through the render, keeping the building looking fresher for a prolonged period of time. There are a wide range of colours available with a further customisable palette of 500 colours.

Benefits include:

  • Water Repellent
  • Low Maintenance
  • Allows Structure To Breathe
  • Natural Looking Finish
  • Extensive Colour Range

Give your property a face lift and use K Rend. We offer competitive quotes with no obligation and always offer the most professional and courteous service.

Why should you render a property?

Why do some properties have a render finish and others don’t? Here are some reasons for rendering your property…

  • Aesthetics – The number one reason historically for rendering a property is to improve the look. Adding a render coat can really brighten up a shabby looking wall, and it gives the opportunity to give the whole house a facelift.
  • Damp Issues – Some forms of brick, especially in exposed areas, can be liable to damp if exposed to the elements over a prolonged period of time. Water gets through the solid brick wall and in to the house, causing a host of problems in the home. Adding a layer of render to the outside wall of the home blocks the path of water in to the property and prevents this form of damp from occurring
  • Insulation – Rendering your property will provide a slight insulating effect of its own, but if you are rendering, it is a great time to consider full external insulation.

Is rendering worth it?

There are several really good reasons to render your property. Think carefully about the colour of render you want to use and make sure you use a high quality render like K Rend to make sure that you give your property the wow factor!

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